The goal was to discover patterns of trends and its trendsetters to facilitate effective collaboration and communication as well as measure impact of decisions in collaboration. This was an extension of the “Digital Diffusion Dashboard” project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), this project involved a global team of educators, designers and engineers.


Collaboration with online student teams comprised of designers from the Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD), business students from University of Cologne, Germany and computer engineers from University of Helsinki, Finland. Team Leaders were from SCAD, MIT- Department of Collective Intelligence and Wayne State University-Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Process: The process began by understanding the current tools used by researchers for visualizing collaboration and trend spotting. Each team member was asked to analyze their own network by testing the Condor software. The Design team conducted extensive contextual research on SCAD and its network. Presentations to SCAD management were undertaken to gain widespread support and participation from all levels of administration, staff, faculty and students. Wireframes, user journeys and process flows aided in defining the scope and content of the prototype. Visual iterations followed to develop the look and feel of the screens. The simulation is achieved in CSS+HTML+JQuery.

Lastly, the project team was self-analyzed for our effectiveness in communicating and collaborating within the online world.


Development: A life size screen is proposed with multi-touch sensing technology. The results of the self-analysis are documented in the process book.

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