Save the Tiger


This project is one of my most favorite projects ever done. A group project of 2 people, this work earned us a GOLD SCADDY Award- the local Addys within the school. The objective was to create a print ad for a client in this case- Save the Tiger fund organization.


The ad tries to commit the viewer and support to build the success recovery of tiger populations from its current dwindling situation. We went for a shock effect in an effort to highlight the seriouness of the situation. The ad starts by showing a beatuiful frontal of a male matured tiger. The picture is rich and vibrant showing its skin details and body. There is a sign on the top left of the ear, asking the viewer to start peeling from this point. Once the user starts feeling the top skin, a bloody inner flesh with tissues is revealed as if the user skinned the tiger, there and then. The body copy decribes the problem and then prompts the user for the next level action. The concept here is to equate Tiger skinning to peeling an orange skin or peeling a sticker off a magazine, which the user just performed! Hiding the actual content plays well with the message as the viewer is caught off-gaurd and thus an unintentional act of the user can directly be equated to tiger poaching. The viewer is prompted to take corrective action rather than flipping the page. This interative Ad hopes to revitalize an intimate connection with the animal thus attempting to attract more volunteers and patrons to support the organization.



AwardGold, single magazine Ad, SCADDY awards for Advertising and Graphic Design, 2008

Works under Graphic Design Visual Design