The project was to choose a type foundry and propose a single selling concept for their campaign. The objective was to create an insert book showcasing the fonts of the chosen type foundry. The final size had to be a golden section. Along with the insert book, three magazine ads were also to be developed which would be based on the campaign theme as well.


I chose to rebrand Font-O-Rama Foundries by Nina David for this project. A complete makeover on the brand strategy was proposed. The ads depict a bare human body. Man was born naked. Wearing clothes is man-made. By having a nude body, one can exaggerate the intent of becoming natural and organic. The human body is beautiful in every form, thus the ads would cover a range of bodies (both male and female) of all sizes and shapes so that all readers could associate themselves with the picture. This would also spread the target market of users associating themselves with Font-o-Rama. The intent is to picturize yourself in that environment. The user substitutes the model in the Ad with himself to experience the emotion. The users have a chance to express themselves through fonts made my font-o-rama. Similarities in the human form would be compared with typography jargon to exaggerate the effect. Once the visual connection is established the headline reinforces that nexus. In order for a sustainable effect the small copy talks about the theme and purpose. Last but the least, the website address along with the logo, creates the further bonding with the company. Thus image and text together create the required brand connection.



The project was shared with Nina and as her appreciation, she gifted me one of her font families… Mein Schatz! Thanks Nina.

Award Finalist, Ad Campaign, SCADDY awards for Advertising and Graphic Design, 2007

Works under Graphic Design Visual Design