Avvo JD, iOS


In our goal to attain a 100% Q&A rate, we wanted lawyers to have a dedicated platform to answer questions. The mobile site was great, but not enough. With our 75% lawyer market using iOS devices, we decided to create a universal app that lawyers could use to answer questions and track their avvo.com clients all at the luxury of their convenience and time. One lead designer with a lead developer (with no PM) were tasked to create the app from concept to production. The challenge was to see if we had the necessary skills to build an app.

After creating the app, the design team ran into a branding problem. With no brand extension guidelines set in place, the design team had to create a roadmap for the future avvo product family. Extending the color palette and iconography were some of obstacles tackled.


Avvo Lawyers was designed to model the desktop flow. We were designing primarily for attorneys who participated on Avvo. Another hypothesis in the design was that these attorneys were well-versed with iOS and would know how to navigate the app without any directions.
The iphone version used the standard navigation controls and screens while the ipad version had a complete custom UI. The iPad app was modeled similar to the then twitter experience with panels overlapping on top of each other. The iPhone version only supported portrait while the iPad version supported both landscape and portrait mode.


Jun13: v1.0 launched for iPhone and iPad.
Aug14: v2.0 will launch for iPhone only. (older version removed from app store)

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