Social Disruption


The project was to choose a concept for a PSA with a clear and preferred message to communicate the issue. The objective was to create an experimental poster with type as primary focus and imagery as a secondary element.


India had recently opened up its doors to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). India being a huge emerging market, every international retailer wants a slice of the market and we are seeing an influx of mega retailers opening stores in India. I chose to target the big brand chain stores (like Walmart) and focus on aftereffects on disrupting the existing socio-economic patterns in India. I use a traditional form of art known as the Warli art to set the tone. The poster uses hand written typography as well digital type as the text and the modified Warli art consists of the image. The scene depicts a different society of fear and problems as compared to the traditional theme of joy and prosperity. The style of the painting has been retained but the individual elements differ.

Works under Graphic Design Visual Design

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