As an Experience Designer + Design Strategist, I strive to understand the human, business and market factors embodied in good design. I believe my well balanced perspective in design results from a cross-disciplinary approach to problem setting.

I am currently a Senior Interaction Designer at Microsoft where I get to create delightful Mixed Reality experiences via all things HoloLens.

As a design nomad, my journey has taken me across startups, NGO’s, ad-agencies and fortune 500 companies where I have explored the role of design in mixed reality, legal, fashion, food, beauty, entertainment, productivity and real-world problems in emerging markets.

I hold an MFA in Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA. Before that, I graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from India.

I’m into planted aquariums (has 3 so far!) and swim and bike in my free time. I mostly keeps myself busy learning emerging technologies, watching Netflix or reading the GOOD Magazine.

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